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The Wandering Inn by John Anthony Di Giovanni

The Wandering Inn is the name of Erin's Inn. It is located in the Floodplains, next to Liscor

Background Edit

The Inn was abandoned more than 10 years ago before Erin found it, owned by a male human . It was located inside of a small community, until a plague broke out, killing most inhabitants horribly.

Originally, this was an inn located an hour's walk away from Liscor: Erin discovered an abandoned inn whose previous owners died from a plague and decided to live there. 

The previous inn was located near the river and the poisonous Bluefruit (Amentus) trees, with a forest of explosive trees further south. This was a good location because it allowed for easy harvesting of Acid, Acidflies and bluefruit, however it was quite far from any source of water, and the time spent travelling to and from Liscor was troublesome. The inn had several preservative charms in the kitchen - this enabled food to be stored without spoiling (for example, you could place butter inside the storage for multiple years and it would be as good as new). 

After Toren's mishap with the explosive bark, the Antinium built Erin a new inn, roughly twenty minutes away from Liscor. This new inn had an outhouse, and was much closer to Liscor, providing a much more attractive location to customers. In addition, Erin now had the ability to quickly restock her supplies. Unlike the previous inn, there are no preservative charms. The new inn also has a basement which is large enough to house all the food supplies as well as a party of aventurers. Lyonette also asked Pawn to install two more outhouses for guests with larger body sizes. 

Layout Edit

Rules Edit

The Inn has the rule of 'No Killing Goblins.'[1] As long as the Goblins inside or around the inn are not attacking anyone, stealing or being extremely rude, Erin won’t let anyone harm them. Currently this Rule is written on a sign right in front of the inn, by the door.[2]

Current Menu Edit

  • Blue juice – 2 cp. per glass. (Bluefruit (Amentus) Juice)[3]
  • Acid flies – 1 s. per plate
  • Pasta w/sausage and onions – 3 cp. per plate.
  • Soup
  • Pancakes
  • Hamburgers
  • French Fries
  • Pizza
  • Beer
  • Fried Ashfire Bees
  • Faerie Flower ale
  • Honeyed Water
  • Milk with honey
  • Cake

Staff Members Edit

Current Members Edit

Name Race Position Status
Erin Solstice Human Innkeeper Active
Lyonette du Marquin Human Barmaid Active
Drassi Drake Barmaid Active
Ishkr Gnoll Waiter Active
Bird Antinium Guard Active
Headscratcher Hobgoblin Guard Active
Badarrow Hobgoblin Guard Active
Numbtongue Hobgoblin Guard Active
Rabbiteater Hobgoblin Guard Active
Shorthilt Hobgoblin Guard Active
Mrsha Gnoll Plants Watering Active
Raelia Gnoll Waiter Active
Fersh Gnoll Waiter Active

Former Members Edit

Name Race Position Status
Toren Undead/Skeleton Guard & Barmaid Left
Safry Human Barmaid Fired
Maran Human Barmaid Fired

Gallery Edit


TWI banner by Raoul Solomon

Cropped-wanderingshelf by Raoul Solomon

TWI banner by Raoul Solomon

The wandering inn commission by pino44io-dcj6ifc.png

TWI Art Commission, Drawn by Victor Koroedov

Trivia Edit

  • "Blue juice", as Erin calls it, is according to Magnolia, who is one of the richest person in the world, "very expensive". Erin is oblivious to it, though, and sells it for a few coppers.
  • Before it was rebuild it was located a few miles southeast of Liscor.[4] (In ch. 1.20 it was said, that the inn is located west and not southeast.)
  • When Erin first found the Inn, it was four times the size of a normal house.[5]
  • The hill where the inn stand is twenty feet high from the ground.[6]


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