Raskghars are former Gnolls.

Background Edit

The origin of the Raskghars goes back thousands of years ago, when Humans haven't inhabited the continent and Dragons ruled over Drakes. At that time, both Dragons and Drakes preyed on a common species, the Gnolls; the Gnolls were food for them.The whole Gnoll race lived in terror. To seek safety, the Gnolls dug deep and learned how to hide. They found refuge in caverns and lived underground, decades even. However, deep beneath the earth, some started to change.

They went mad. They longed for the light and lost their mind in the darkness. Their bodies changed and they lost the ways of civilization, became more monsters than people. It was a trade, though. They willingly became cursed to gain strength. The price was that they lost their ability to level in exchange for bodies like steel, strength beyond other Gnolls. But they lost their minds, became warlike, hungry only for blood and flesh. It was said of these Gnolls that they underwent strange changes in the moonlight. Only during the full moon would they regain any measure of sanity.

The Raskghars even went as far as to hunt the still unchanged Gnolls. Thus a war occurred between them in the darkness, so long until Gnolls thought to have wiped them out. Only much later did they discover that some still remain, namely after Vuliel Drae brought the head of one of them out of Liscor's dungeon.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Raskghar should be a match for a Silver-rank adventurer. They were said to be strong, immune to pain, and have hides that were proof against iron, though those are just legends. They are not warriors but predators. They track their prey and ambush them.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The losing levels make it strongly seem that the Raskghars received Horror Ranks. It is similar to what happened to the Florist.
  • The sound of the Raskghar's howls is different from that of the Gnolls. As such Gnolls cannot tell what their howls means.[2]

References Edit

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