Kelthor was a Summoned Construct, that belonged to Revi.

Appearance Edit

Kelthor is a tall man, dressed in bronze armor, holding a mace and shield. His face was completely blank.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

After Kelthor died, the memory of his soul was imprinted to a summoning construct that was used by Revi's Grandmother and later by Revi herself.

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Halrac estimated that Kelthor was around Level 25, give or take a bit. Not enough for a Gold-rank with his poor equipment, but certainly the equal of any Silver-rank adventurer.[1]

He can move extremely fast. Even in armor, he seemed to leap from spot to spot, so that each step covered ten feet.

He has some resistance to a [Terror] spell, as he only pauses under it's effect.

Equipment Edit

  • Bronze Armor
  • Bronze Mace
  • Bronze Shield

Trivia Edit

  • He used to belong to Revi's Grandmother.

References Edit

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