The House of Minos are located across the Isles of Minos.

Background Edit

The House of Minos consist of Minotaurs and they are ruled by a [King].

They’re always fighting their ancient enemy down around the southeast of their isles, but 28 years ago they were at war with Terandria which Izril participated, a war with Baleros around 15 years back, a few engagements at sea and other numerous skirmishes. They also tried to take over the world once.[1]

Chronology Edit

Lady Magnolia tells Erin that the House of Minos have closed their isles, and their ports are barred to any ships but their own. Furthermore, every spy she had planted in their kingdom has gone quiet. She speculates that this is due to the actions of a traveler from Earth.[2]

After the King of Destruction's return, the House of Minos' [King] is prepared to send an army capable of defeating him. But since such an act would be considered a declaration of war by many kingdoms, he has tasked some of his subjects to approach other assemblies of auspicious gathering, to request formal support. They would ask for a written treaty, allowing them to sail without hindrance, and a small contribution to their army, as arms or gold would allow them to ready themselves for battle.

Lady Magnolia tells Ressa that this is probably a trick in the sense that they’ll honor their word and then demand something else when they’re in a good position, like the lands that belonged to Flos, as that would given them quite a bit of territory, which is what they have always wanted.[3]

Culture Edit

The culture spread in its territory is considered "strange" by the other races, and for some reason they are reluctant to learn more about it.[4]

Military Strength Edit

In terms of major powers, the House of Minos is one of the listed groups, which can overwhelm Flos' weakened kingdom.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • Magnolia predicts that if guns were to become widespread, in less than a decade, the House of Minos would fall to its ancient enemy.[6]
  • They went to war with Baleros around fifteen years back but failed. Furthermore, they also had war with Terandria which Izril participated in twenty eight years ago.[7]

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