Griffon Hunt is a Gold-Ranked team of Adventurers.

Background Edit

Griffon Hunt was founded by Halrac and Ulrien,[1] and named by another female member nearly a decade ago. They are named after a breed of dog used for hunting, which is what they specialize in.

They argued a lot. Revi usually has a different opinion than Halrac, and the other two members have their own opinions. But Griffon Hunt settled their arguments by collective vote and for all their dysfunction, they are one solid team when it came to fighting.[2]

They address all issues before they go on a hunt, because if even one of them was less confident, they will end up dragging down the group.[3]

Chronology Edit

Strength Edit

Members Edit

Name Race Position Status
Halrac Everam Human Scout Active
Typhenous Human Mage Active
Revi Stich Woman Mage & Summoner Active
Ulrien Sparson Human Ex-Leader & Warrior Deceased
Female Member Unknown Unknown Deceased

Trivia Edit

  • Griffon Hunt name is a play on words, as they are not named after Griffin the beast, but after a breed of dog used for hunting.[4] Because they used to hunt actual Griffins, people think that they are named after the beast and call them Griffin Hunt. Even Revi their new member, didn’t know about it.


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