Gnolls are one of the races of the Innworld. They are often found in the southern area of Issrysil.

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The Gnolls is part of a humanoid race that strongly resembles a hyena. The color of their fur range from black, grey, reddish-orange,[1] and on special occasions white.

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Gnoll possess an exceptional nose, making it possible for them to know when someone was in a fight, even if the person had washed themselves afterwards.

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Gnolls don't have a menstrual cycle, but an estrous cycle that happens only once or twice a year. When it is comes, all those who still are able to bear children, will go into a heat as it is a time when they mate. It is enjoyable for them and some even look forwards to it, as It is a time to have sex and to bear children and so they are happy when it comes.[2]

History Edit

Nearly twenty years ago, the Gnoll tribes gathered to talk, forge alliances, and make plans for the future, as it's being done every decade. At that time one of its topics was Wistram and the Gnoll's desire for their race to learn magic. In the end, it was decided that the tribes send one of their most competent [Shamans] to Wistram in hopes for the person to be taught there. A young Gnoll was chosen, "talented beyond his years", who was given magical artifacts from each tribe and enough coin to reach the academy. He was accompanied by their warriors up to a port city, ensuring his safety, where he took a ferry to the isle.

The mages at Wistram gave the Gnoll a test when he asked for permission to study at the Academy. They did not believe him when he claimed to be a spellcaster as they were, therefore asked him to cast spells to prove it. However, he was alone, thus not capable of tapping into the mana supplies of his fellow tribe members. Being a [Shaman] it meant not being able to cast any magic spells. That is why he asked to be taught as a normal student in the first place. To his misfortune, the mages were not sympathetic to his plight. He was cast out and the mages declared all Gnolls to be magic-deficient. Talentless.

Due to this incident [Mages] from Wistram are to this day not welcome among the tribes and no Gnoll is willing to trade with them.[3]

Culture Edit

In a Gnoll Tribe, Gnolls are raised with the duties of the members often alternating, meaning that at on one day someone might be a hunter, on another perhaps a cook,[4] so they earned many different classes. On one hand, having many classes and by extension many skills in complete different areas make them very flexible, on the other hand, it means that they don't excel in any of them, but make's them likely mediocre at best.

Gnolls have a very strong sense of honor and duty, as seen through the manner in which the tribes pass down history and grudges. They take debts seriously and their idea of guilt is transferable.[5]

Traditions Edit

For many years the Golls have started to gather all Gnoll tribes together, each one contributing something, be it an object or knowledge, with the intention of making the whole Gnoll race stronger. The intervals between the gatherings greatly reduced over the years. First, the gathering only occurred every 100 years, then it decreased to 50 years, at some point they started meeting every 20 years, until they finally decided to reduce it to 10 years.[6]

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The Gnolls have fought the Drakes for hundreds of years on the Continent of Izril, resulting in the largest loss of life, even greater than the Antinium Wars. Presently, there are Gnoll members residing in Drake cities, even serving as members of Drake Watches.

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The Raskghar are a species that split from the Gnolls by choosing to forfeit their levels. They lost their intelligence, except during the full moon. The Gnolls as a people are always at war with the Raskghar.

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Trivia Edit

  • Currently the only city known which is inhabited by them is Liscor.
  • The Gnolls make out the third of the population of the southern half of Izril.[9]
  • There's a false rumor stating that Gnolls will bite someone's face off if they offend them.[10]
  • They seldom venture as far as Terandria.[11]

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