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Desired/Undesired Content?

Before I start writing any entries - do we have a guide of "dos and don'ts" in regards to what an article should contain? I assume that I should only quote primary sources (that is, the story itself), but, anything else? And is there anything that should not go into a wiki page - for example, major plot spoilers? And if so, at what point does something become a spoiler, and what makes it major? Should pages be limited to a certain length, or is more detail always better? Should entries be kept safe for all audiences, or is it okay to match the maturity level of the story? In some places it would probably deserve an R-rating...

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• 11/15/2018

Reference style?

In general, should chapter references point to the Wiki article, or to the original WanderingInn page? I think I'm seeing a bit of a mix of both being used, and thought it might be helpful to establish a guideline for the future.

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• 11/13/2018

Current Timeline?

Is there interest in creating a current timeline of events that have happened in the Innverse? Obviously not a marking of every single event, but like major arcs. For example, I just created a short summary of what I called First Attack on Liscor, summarizing Skinner's attack. It might be useful to have a series of these, especially for the major Liscorian attacks.


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• 3/1/2018

Tracking each chapter that a character appears in?

Hi all,

Would it be useful to create some special pages that links to each chapter that a character appears in? I know that we have chapter pages that contain each character that appears in them. But I feel that the reverse might be more useful, especially for minor characters. For instance, if a minor character last appeared 10 chapters ago, it can be difficult to remember where we last seen them to compare how the character grew. I think this would be most effective for minor characters - I'm not sure if Erin, Ryoka, or Klbkch would benefit much from this process.
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• 5/20/2017

How to improve this wikia

Does anybody have any ideas how the wikia could be improved, as it seems to attract only a very small amount of people. Even amongst the fans is it mostly disregarded.
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