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Reference style?

In general, should chapter references point to the Wiki article, or to the original WanderingInn page? I think I'm seeing a bit of a mix of both being used, and thought it might be helpful to establish a guideline for the future.

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• 11/13/2018

Current Timeline?

Is there interest in creating a current timeline of events that have happened in the Innverse? Obviously not a marking of every single event, but like major arcs. For example, I just created a short summary of what I called First Attack on Liscor, summarizing Skinner's attack. It might be useful to have a series of these, especially for the major Liscorian attacks.


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• 3/1/2018

Tracking each chapter that a character appears in?

Hi all,

Would it be useful to create some special pages that links to each chapter that a character appears in? I know that we have chapter pages that contain each character that appears in them. But I feel that the reverse might be more useful, especially for minor characters. For instance, if a minor character last appeared 10 chapters ago, it can be difficult to remember where we last seen them to compare how the character grew. I think this would be most effective for minor characters - I'm not sure if Erin, Ryoka, or Klbkch would benefit much from this process.
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• 5/20/2017

How to improve this wikia

Does anybody have any ideas how the wikia could be improved, as it seems to attract only a very small amount of people. Even amongst the fans is it mostly disregarded.
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